Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christian Radio/Podcasting

Radio plays an important part of our lives. As we are driving along in our cars we have our favorite program tuned and locked in. If we are able we have one playing softly at our work stations.

I recently performed a very unscientific survey, asking what (aside from music) would a listener to Christian radio want to hear. Discarding the usual UN-Christian like response, it seems to me that listeners are tried of hearing all the hype and are craving the truth. They are tried of hearing all of the denominational bashing that takes place far to often. The Bible clearly states, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32, KJV).

Allow me to address one negative that did come out of my survey. Christian broadcasters/Pod casters seem to be accused of always begging for money. Realizing that there are those who have abused this, we all cannot be lumped into the same category. After all, programing does take money to produce a particular media. Aside from the overuse and abuse of the money, the Bible speaks to money and its related issues in some 2000 plus verses.

As Christian Broadcasters/Pod casters we are counting on you to help keep our programing on the air. It is only, for the most part, by your generous donations are we able to keep supplying the truth to you. Are some programs bias? Search for those programs which are Biblically based, and not based off of someones personal opion and support them.

I invite you to check out the folowing: & (you can hear yours truly when using the click to listen option).

Thanks for listening.

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